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Since the last newsletter was published (June 06), we have had a busy and exciting life.

In late June, Andy headed to England for his usual stint of locum work in Horncastle, Lincolnshire.  Chris also went over a few weeks later, and did his usual job selling tickets in the. (Link to  Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

Andy joined up with Kiwi friends Fred and Hazel, and visited the Picos de Europas in Northern Spain.  Andy and Chris then headed back to NZ via Thailand to Ko Samui.  For a full account of Andy's year June 06 onward.

In the midst of winter Kris went to Mana Island to help with tree planting (photos)

In October Kris, Chris and Andy cycled around the Pencarrow Lakes (photos) and did the Otago Rail Trail (photos and links), and Andy and Kris went to the Paragliding Nationals in Rotorua (photos).  However, the wind gods weren't cooperative and only two days flying was had....

In November Kris went toToast Martinborough (photos) with two friends - Deborah and Marika.

Andy headed back to the Auckland Islands, for the forth time, in early December.  The excitement for the year came in the form of a Great White Shark - a whopper of about six metres length - which ate two adult male sea lions one day. Andy had a front row seat for the second attack - a once in a  lifetime experience! (Article about shark!).

Christmas for Chris and Kris was spent up in Hawkes Bay with Kris's family (photos)

In January Chris and Kris headed off to Golden Bay (photos), then Kris went to Wanaka for a paragliding competition (photos).

In mid-January, Chris and Andy, along with a friend Deborah, bought 1.77 hectares of land in Horopito, (Google Map) near Ohakune, on the slopes of Mt. Ruapehu  in the central North Island. 

Chris took some spectacular photos of Andy and Kris paragliding at Paekakariki in late January.

In February, Kris and Andy went to Bright in Australia for a paragliding contest (article by Andy), and had a great fortnight flying, both making goal on the last day!  (photos)

Back in New Zealand, Kris and Andy crossed to the South Island for the St Arnauld fun competition (paragliding) in early March.  Andy flew 73km one day! (photos)

Wwoofers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) continue to be hosted at Koromiko (photos) [Ed - what is organic about digging out basements?], and there are also plenty of homestay guests at Koromiko Homestay (website).

Niamh and Theo, Kris's children, continue to thrive!  When Theo's class was asked for examples of words beginning with "M" he had this to offer: "Mummies - but I don't mean the mummies that look after you. I mean the mummies that are dead people wrapped up in bandages"!

The garden had a psychedelically painted shed added to it during the 2006 summer (photos)

Various miscellaneous photos - primarily of sunrises and sunsets....


Andy, Chris & Kris

Camping at Horopito
Asher, James, Becca, Gareth,
and Anton the car
More photos of Andy's year