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Kris and Chris's photos
Otago Rail Trail (official web site)

Bruce McLennan (trip organiser) has prepared some photos of the Otago Rail Trail trip for your viewing pleasure:

Bruces Pics:
Day 0 http://invite.filmloop.com/x?FA7WUjyyXmx6decW-OMoFIUAc39Bq1N0
Day 1 http://invite.filmloop.com/x?qnQ4yAmZWRIx0Yfqyw1jHZQFbwNKWFsf
Day 2 http://invite.filmloop.com/x?/wjp/jlNUW/LqVnNNuBjjP/AP9x2GPzQ
Day 3 http://invite.filmloop.com/x?uHZt2CGSR9MQcvGUcl-80E6mSN1dmSqw

JJ's Pics:
Day 1 http://invite.filmloop.com/x?kPtpawQ25b6iSJlXFWgbgY4ztaA5qR2a
Day 2 http://invite.filmloop.com/x?CycrUodGGiwxTH-x7wykw8OPLHe6FFM7
Day 3 http://invite.filmloop.com/x?bX3B1uDP-UGvW30mjDwWGL0v-kXjAXzs

Clicking on the links above will take your browser to the filmloop web site and start showing the pictures in the gallery. You need to have the flash plugin installed for this to work.

Alternatively you can download the FilmLoop viewer and studio application (free, windows & mac versions) and download the loop to your desktop for viewing. Once you have the application you can also create your own loops for others to see, or subscribe to others loops and collaborate on them (make comments, add photos etc). Once you make any changes to a loop, anyone that is subscribed to it will instantly see the changes on their computer. Quite cool really. So If you want you can make your own pic gallerys of the ride for us all to see.